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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Data not stored?

Some websites use advanced techniques and frameworks involving javascript that make it virtually impossible to capture user input in a generic way.

On request I might be able to add workarounds for popular websites/frameworks, please submit an issue and let me know for which website(s) capturing entries does not work.

Empty database?

This add-on now uses the new mandatory WebExtensions API which no longer offers access to browser's built-in formhistory database. This means that after installing this new, you start with an empty formhistory data storage.

There are two ways to get the formhistory data from the old Firefox version back into the new version:

  1. If you have an export file from the old version, you can simply import that file into the new version. The exportfile is compatible with the new version.
  2. If you have no export file you may use the standalone FHCExport Java application that is capable of exporting the formhistory data and make it available for the new version, go to the FHCExport page for more information.